<P>http//www.smoothcreations.com/<STRONG>Smooth Creations</STRONG></A> is widely known for combining the latest hardware with workmanship of a higher art. While you can buy PCs packing extreme hardware from several system builders, only Smooth Creations will give your case an extreme paint job, where every case has personal variations making every computer unique. We got a chance to test its latest system, dubbed Trek 08. The full review will have to wait though, because after unboxing the case we decided that we wanted to publish a short preview first. It wouldn't be fair to the artwork not to. </P>
<P><EM>"There comes a point in some people's lives where they stand back, take a gaze at the world around them, and say "Been there, done that." And while that may be true for some, I hope that most do not share that outlook, as there is often something lurking out there that will move the bar just a little bit higher and leave us amazed. Today is one of those moments, a chance for computer geeks ... err ... enthusiasts to relish something special."</EM></P>
<P>&nbsp; http//www.nordichardware.com/Reviews/?skrivelse=539Smooth Creations Trek 08 Preview</A></P>