View Full Version : The price of Blu-ray players will be 50% lower by 2008

11-20-2006, 06:05 PM
<P>Blu-ray and HD DVD are two new technologies and for that reason it's no surprise that the first units are very expensive, not to say extremely expensive when comparing to the existing and established DVD format. But as all new technologies you can expect pretty significant price cuts the upcoming years and according to Sony NEC Optiarc&nbsp;we should be able to expect http//www.digitimes.com/systems/a20061116PR208.htmla 50% cut for Blu-ray units by 2008</A>. The much lower price will be the result of an increased competition, but also an increased consumer interest due to the launch of Windows Vista next year. Also the Olympic Games in Peking 2008 is said to be an important factor as many will be wanting HDTVs to complete the high-res movie formats.</P>