View Full Version : OCZ XTC Cooler - cooling for your memory modules

11-17-2006, 11:49 PM
<P><STRONG><A href="http//www.ocztechnology.com/products/cooling_products/ocz_xtc_cooler" target=_blank set="yes"><U>OCZ XTC Cooler</U></A></STRONG> has now been officially launched and just as we told you earlier this week it's a cooler for your memory modules. The cooler is quite similar to the one Corsair's Dominator series has, it's simply a cooler placed on top of the memory modules. Fans inside the cooler will then move the heat away from the heatspreaders. OCZ XTC Cooler will support all modules of a regular format as the attachment is done onto the memory slots.&nbsp;The only compatibility problem is if you use too high memory modules.</P><P>To cool the modules OCZ XTC Cooler uses two 60mm fans, which according to OCZ, will be extremely quiet and equipped with blue LEDs for those who like lights. There is no information about the price nor the availability, but it shouldn't take long for this to surface.</P>
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