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07-16-2006, 04:36 AM
<SPAN class=textstandard><STRONG><U>Skype</U> ("http//www.skype.com/")</STRONG>, a daughter company to eBay, has by not releasing its protocol for internet calls to the public been able to tie up large quantities of users for its client software. While many other have chosen to use a more open approach with its protocols and, thus make it possible to create and use third party clients, Skype has chosen to go the other way. An advantage with a closed standard is of ourse you can guarantee the security in a better way. Now <U>a Chinese company has claimed it has hacked Skype's protocol</U> ("http//www.cio.com/blog_view.html?CID=22974") and that it will use its knowledge to create its own client, but also more software that will open up the possibilities with Skype's protocol. Skype on the other hand claims that the protocol is not possible to hack and that this is just nonsense and even if it were true the company would not be able to create a fully competitive product.</SPAN>