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05-20-2006, 12:30 AM
<P><SPAN class=textstandard><U><STRONG>Sony Ericsson</STRONG></U> ("http//www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=se&amp;lc=sv&amp;ver=4000&amp;template=ph1&amp;zone=ph")&nbsp;recently made a quite massive launch as it released five new mobile phones. The new models are expected to arrive during the third quarter of 2006 and as expected two of the new models are in the popular Walkman family. W850 Walkman is the first mobile&nbsp;from Sony Ericsson with an extendable keypad, a design manufacturers like Samsung has been using quite often. W850 is a 3G phone which use a 2.0 inch display with a 240x320px resolution and 262k colors. The phone is delivered with&nbsp;a 1GB Memory Stick Duo Pro and also sports an interesting function called TrackID that can be used to identify a song's name and artist through an online database.</SPAN></P><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P align=left>W850 comes with a 2Mpixel digital camera and will be available in two different colors, Precious Black and Golden White. SE M608c which is also shown here is a Chinese version of the M600, which was earlier launched for the European market. M608c has a touch screen that can read Chinese letters and is something of a smart phone.</P>
<P align=center><IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="http//www.nordichardware.com/image3.php?id=1438" align=bottom border=0><EM>SonyEricsson W850&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; -&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; SonyEricsson M608c</EM></P>
<P align=left>SE&nbsp;has also introduced two new clamshells, where Z710 is a camera phone with a 2Mpixel camera and EDGE support. The phone is available in two colors, Twilight Black and Metallic Sand. Z710 is suppose to replace the popular T610.W710 is the second Walkman phone to be launched and it is the first in the Walkman family to focus on consumsers interested&nbsp;in sports. The phone has everything from a speed dial, step counter, stop watch to a 2Mpixel camera and a 512MB memory card.</P>
<P align=center><IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="http//www.nordichardware.com/image3.php?id=1440" align=bottom border=0><EM>SonyEricsson Z710&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; -&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; SonyEricsson W710</EM></P>
<P align=left>And last and indeed least we have Z550 which is something of a budget model with a 1.3Mpixel camera and a design with brushed aluminum.</P>
<P align=center><IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="http//www.nordichardware.com/image3.php?id=1439" align=bottom border=0><EM>SonyEricsson Z550</EM></P>
<P align=left>The prices for SonyEricsson's new mobile phones are yet to be announced. More information about the new models can be found at <U>Sony Ericsson's hemsida</U> ("http//www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=se&amp;lc=sv&amp;ver=4000&amp;template=ph1&amp;zone=ph").</P></SPAN>