View Full Version : AMD wants to optimize its processors for Linux

04-24-2006, 03:27 PM
<P><SPAN class=textstandard><STRONG>http//www.amd.comAMD</A></STRONG> has according to new information been seeking new co-workers for its new Fab36 plant where one of the slots is dedicated for a Linux core developer.&nbsp;Even if the job description is a bit vague a Linux core developer would be focusing on optimizing the Linux core for AMD's processors and bring a greater understanding among the company's engineers for the demands modern operating system put on the processors of the future. Another slot that will be filled is a system tool developer for the "Operating System Research Center" in Dresden and according to the description Linux is in focus here as well.</SPAN></P><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P><EM>"According to the job description for the tool developer, this person will not only be developing Linux tools for AMD processors, but also helping optimize processors for Linux."</EM> </P>
<P>AMD seems to be really targetting the Linux segment, something many of our readers will appreciate.</P>
<P>Source <U>Heise</U> ("http//www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/72169")</P></SPAN>