View Full Version : Epox EP-8NPA SLI: socket 754 SLI

11-21-2005, 04:43 PM
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<P><U><STRONG>Epox EP-8NPA SLI</STRONG></U> ("http//www.epox.com.tw/")&nbsp;is one of few motherboards that doesn't really have any competition. That the board supports NVIDIA's SLI technology is pretty clear from its name, but what many might not notice is that the board is for AMD's Socket 754 platform. EPoX has developed the first Socket 754 motherboard supporting SLI and for those S754 owners which have been dreaming of a cheap upgrade to SLI there now is a possibility for this. At PC Modding they've taken a closer look at the unique motherboard which seems to perform very well considering the circumstances.</P>
<P>&nbsp;<U>Read on at&nbsp;PC Modding</U> ("http//www.pcmoddingmy.com/content.php?review.320")</P></SPAN>