View Full Version : MSI adds more X-Slim models to the family

02-24-2009, 04:30 AM
<P>MSI grabbed our attention earlier last month when it revealed its <U>ultra-thin X-Slim notebook series</U> ("http//www.nordichardware.com/index.php?news=1&amp;action=more&amp;id=8604"). It then revealed the first model of the series, X-Slim X320. It had a 13.4" display and weighed only 1.3Kg, which certainly made it look like MSI had created a PC alternative to the MacBook Air, or perhaps just a cheaper version of it. MSI is not expected to release the X-Slim series until the second quarter, but it has already been extended with two new models.</P><P>MSI X-Slim X340 and X600 are the names of the new models that are said to be more powerful. Unlike X320 that relied on Intel's Atom platform, X340 and X600 will house an Intel Centrino 2 platform. X340 will sport the same 13.4" format, while X600 is bigger with a 15.6" display. Both models sports HDMI output and the X600 model will also have an eSATA port beyond the regular USB ports. </P>
<P align=center><IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="http//www.nordichardware.com/image3.php?id=6873 " align=baseline border=0></P>
<P>Exactly when MSI will actually release these lightweights is hard to say, but we certainly hope it doesn't take too long since it seems to have something really exciting coming. The prices should land somewhere below $1,000, which doesn't exactly make us less interested.</P>