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Intel Core i7-3770K - Ivy Bridge and the 3D transistor is here

CPU Chipset - Written by Thursday, 10 May 2012 12:49


Today Intel Ivy Bridge is now official, the worlds first 22 nanometer processor that is built on their Sandy Bridge architecture. Besides the sparkling fresh manufacturing process and lower power consumption, one of it's other features is quite an improved integrated graphics circuit.


VA panels with 120 Hz refresh rate from AUO coming

Displays - Written by Wednesday, 14 December 2011 08:34


Those looking to experience 3D, gamers or movie viewers, need a 120 Hz monitor, but sadly these have all been using TN panels, which are not widely known for their excellent colors or viewing angles. Acer's subsidiary AUO is about to start shipping 3D-capable displays with VA panels.


NVIDIA Tegra 3 - World's first quad-core for mobiles

CPU Chipset - Written by Wednesday, 09 November 2011 08:55


NVIDIA has officially launched the renowned Kal-El - often referred to as Tegra 3, now also so by NVIDIA. Kal-El takes a giant step for NVIDIA and ARM in terms of performance, longer battery times, dynamic clock frequencies up to 1.4 GHz and support for older game controller.


Harddrive prices 2-3 fold higher than normal, time for SSD?

Storage - Written by Wednesday, 02 November 2011 08:38

hdd.ssdHarddrive prices have gone up fast over the last few weeks and are up to 2-3 times higher than earlier this fall, a number that can get even worse. The heavy floods in Thailand have put factories under water, which is confirmed by pictures from WD's plants.


Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

NordicHardware - Written by Thursday, 01 April 2010 20:02

Today we're going to review the Millennium Falcon by Lego. (I sincerely hope you know that) The Millennium Falcon is a part of the Star Wars collection, which in turn is a franchise owned by George Lucas, who in turn almost managed to ruin the whole saga by "digitally restoring" first three movies by adding extra effects, scenes and other crap that didn't belong there.


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 - The wait is over ...

Graphics - Written by Saturday, 27 March 2010 13:45

NVIDIA has been slipping behind in the now famous DirectX 11 race since the launch last fall and the rumors have been endless ever since. Doomsday prophets have deemed the architecture beyond rescue, while others claim the GeForce GTX 400 series will make the world a better place with less wars, more drinking water and a cure for cancer.


CeBIT 2010 - Picture Coverage

Coverage - Written by Saturday, 20 March 2010 17:01

CeBIT 2010 may be smaller this year and lost some shine as an electronics event. It is still a huge event that inside twenty or so halls each the size of a football field. You get to meet loads of exciting companies and see some really cool products, but there is never enough time to cover them all. We hope this picture coverage will offer some more easy reading about the event with a lot of entertaining products and manufacturers. It all started in a windy Hannover...


Intel Core i7 980X - 32nm Hexacore is here

CPU Chipset - Written by Saturday, 13 March 2010 18:25


Barely 18 months ago chip manufacturer Intel released the latest "Tock" in its "Tick Tock"-strategy. The changes it brought includes the today well-known Nehalem and Bloomfield architectures. With four cores and two threads per core most enthusiasts with the money to spend were satisfied with the performance offered. The CPU's were packaged for the 1366 socket, which means a fairly expensive solution with Intel's X58 chipset as the only alternative and three DDR3 channels. At launch the flagship was Core i7 965, today everything changes.


G.Skill F3-16000CL6D-4GBPIS Review

Memory - Written by Sunday, 14 February 2010 17:09

Allt sedan Intel introducerade processorer med integrerade minneskontrollers har uppståndelsen kring minnen varit relativt stor. För tidigare plattformar spelade minnesspänningen ingen roll, och många högpresterande kit var specificerade till 2 Volt, ibland ännu mer. Sedan kom Core i7 och skräckscenario efter skräckscenario målades upp, hög minnesspänning skulle döda minneskontrollern och göra din dyrbara CPU obrukbar.


NVIDIA Optimus - Power when needed

Graphics - Written by Tuesday, 09 February 2010 20:55


When it comes to notebooks you have to make a choice between battery time and performance. There are solutions for combining integrated graphics circuits with discrete GPUs, where the former is used during light work and the discrete chip is activated when needed.


Danamics LMX - Second Generation Liquid Metal Cooler

Cooling - Written by Monday, 04 January 2010 00:00

120x90It has been a long wait. A year has passed since the first liquid metal cooler from Danamics, the first from any company really. LM-10 was a breakthrough in many ways, but foremost it was the first commercially available cooler using liquid metal. There have been several attempts in the past, but none actually reached the market. It's been used out in the industry for many years, but the cost and size of the equipment have limited retail options


2009 – the year of the SSD, Firefox and ultramobility

NordicHardware - Written by Thursday, 31 December 2009 17:36

2009 har come to an end. Time to round things off and see what 2010 has to offer. The good, the bad, the sad.

ASUS ROG Showdown at DreamHack Winter 2009: Day 2

Coverage - Written by Sunday, 29 November 2009 01:52

Day two of ASUS ROG Showdown at DreamHack Winter 2009 has come to an end and a winner has been announced after the semifinals and final are over.

ASUS ROG Showdown at DreamHack Winter 2009: Day 1

Coverage - Friday, 27 November 2009 23:56

ASUS ROG Showdown at DreamHack Winter 2009 is a gathering of some of the finest overclockers in Europe battling for the victory, honor and computer hardware with the best of hardware around.

GPU-Z v0.3.6 released, Hemlock identified as Radeon HD 5900

Software - Written by Thursday, 15 October 2009 15:28

Small preview image

GPU-Z is one of the most frequently used applications among overclockers and enthusiasts. The program enables users to keep track of their graphics cards. Not just what models, but also clock frequencies, temperatures and voltages. It can all be monitored in realtime and version 0.3.6 brings updated support for AMD Radeon HD 5850 and HD 5700 series, but also NVIDIA's GeForce 100 and 200 series of graphics cards.


NVIDIA Fermi targets supercomputers

Graphics - Written by Saturday, 03 October 2009 21:56

NVIDIA revealed details on the next generation graphics circuit architecture. Code-named Fermi the architectures promises to change our view on the modern GPU, but w're wondering what it means to GeForce and games overall.

Radeon HD 5870 Conquers The Market

Graphics - Written by Sunday, 27 September 2009 22:39

AMD has presented the Cypress GPU that not only is the world's first DirectX 11 graphics circuit but also the heart of the world's fastest graphics card. ATI Radeon HD 5870 impress with both performance and features.


GPU-Z gets Radeon HD 5800 series support

Software - Written by Friday, 25 September 2009 22:31

Small preview image

The latest application to be updated with support for AMD's new graphics circuit family is TechPowerUp's GPU-Z. Just like the processor equivalent CPU-Z this is a program that offers detailed information on your graphics card and GPU. With the latest update to version 0.3.5 the application can not only show detailed specifications for Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress), but also monitor voltages.


Intel Lynnfield Core i7-870 and ASUS P7P55D

CPU Chipset - Written by Wednesday, 23 September 2009 00:10

Intel has launched its second version of Nehalem architecture. With Lynnfield it targets the mid-range and performance segment. We see how Lynnfield stands up to big brother Bloomfield and AMD's Phenom II architecture.

Google Chrome OS

Operating systems - Written by Thursday, 09 July 2009 22:44

Google revealed that it is working on an operating system that it hopes will change the habits of the PC user. Chrome OS is completely focued on the Internet and the first target is netbooks.

Computex 2009 Coverage

Coverage - Written by Saturday, 20 June 2009 23:47

Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, closed its doors a while back and we were there to gather as much information as we could while the event was open. We found everything from heavy CPU coolers to powerful SSD solutions and weapon inspired storage solutions.

Computex 2009: Thermalright R1x and more coolers

Coverage - Written by Wednesday, 03 June 2009 23:20

Thermalright shows how big heatsinks and large fans can make an exciting computer case. Beside Thermalright R1x we also look at coming graphics card coolers and AXP-140.

Computex 2009: Thermalright CPU Coolers

Coverage - Written by Wednesday, 03 June 2009 00:55

Thermalright has presented several new products at Computex and we have looked several of the new coolers, including Cyclone and the Ultra 120 successor Venomous X.

ASUS Mars GTX 295 Preview

Graphics - Written by Tuesday, 02 June 2009 00:17

While waiting for the next generation graphics circuits ASUS has created a real GeForce monster with 4GB graphics memory and dual GeForce GTX 285 circuits that has already broken world records.

Catalyst 9.4 brings automatic overclocking of Radeon HD 4000

Software - Written by Saturday, 11 April 2009 00:19

Small preview image

AMD and its partners have made sure that everyone has heard about the vast overclocking potential of Radeon HD 4890. Now that it has launched its fourth Catalyst driver for the year, Catalyst 9.4, it is once again with overclocking in focus. The new drivers comes with a new ATI Overdrive function that enables the computer to estimate the maximal overclocking of the graphics card. This further enables optimal performance in games with AMD's Radeon HD 4000 series without manual adjustments.


NZXT Whisper

Cases - Written by Monday, 23 March 2009 23:42

NZXT is a sleek miditower that aims to compete in the high-end segment with other cases we have reviewed in the past. Has NZXT done it's homework and can it measure up?

Overclocking with ASUS at CeBIT 2009

Coverage - Written by Tuesday, 17 March 2009 00:20

Två av de mest välkända överklockarna i Sverige var tillsammans med ASUS på CeBIT och resultatet blev bland annat en kvartett Tri-SLI världsrekord och en unik guide för att spänningsmodda GeForce GTX 285.

Corsair Dominator 1866C8 TEC - Peltier-cooled memories

Memory - Written by Wednesday, 18 February 2009 23:17

Corsair takes memory cooling to a new level when it pairs up its best DDR3 memory with a Peltier element and water cooling. We take a closer look at what this extreme solution can do.

CoolIt Domino A.L.C.

Cooling - Written by Tuesday, 20 January 2009 00:51

CoolIt earlier announced the Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling, which is basically an all-in-one cooler harvesting the power of liquid cooling without the complications it usually brings. At an interesting price it looks like a real killer.

Danamics LM10 - Liquid metal put to the test

Cooling - Written by Thursday, 04 December 2008 00:00

lm10_120Today we bring you the world exclusive review of the liquid metal cooler LM10 from Danish cooling company Danamics ApS. Danamics was founded in 2005 with the goal of using liquid metal for cooling. Since then Danamics has been researching and developing new technologies that would enable them to do just that. Amongst others, they had to find a suitable metal, but most of all come up with a whole new electromagnetic pump.


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