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- As the computer is being used in so many different ways in contrast to the typical use 5-10 years ago, storage has become more imporant than ever. Storage is interesting for all end consumers, be it, file servers, HTPCs, MP3 players, smart phones or gaming computers. In my section, the NordicHardware Storage section, we are always trying to review and analyze the latest most interesting products and techniques regarding storage. 
/Gustav Gager, Storage Expert & Editor

Harddrive prices 2-3 fold higher than normal, time for SSD?


Written by Anton Karmehed

hdd.ssdHarddrive prices have gone up fast over the last few weeks and are up to 2-3 times higher than earlier this fall, a number that can get even worse. The heavy floods in Thailand have put factories under water, which is confirmed by pictures from WD's plants.


A-DATA “my Flash” Fingerprint Disk


Written by Anton Karmehed

A-DATA has gone step further when developing a USB memory with good security. Or what would you say about an integrated fingerprint reader? We decided to take a closer look at the memory in our latest review.

SATA-roundup - 160 GB


Written by Linus Laurin

We'll begin this harddrive review just as we did the last one, we've been inactive in covering the storage section for some time now, but now comes the time to change that....

WD Raptor vs WD Caviar & Seagate Barracuda


Written by Martin Nordén

First off, we have Western Digital's new Raptor with a rotation speed of a whopping 10 000 revolutions per minute, hinting about good access times. Its competitors are Western Digital's and Seagate's mainstream harddrives, namely 120 GB models with 8 MB cache. Both Seagate's Barracuda and Western's Raptor are equipped with SATA; the new harddrive interface whose popularity increases quite fast on the market.

Server with IDE-RAID1


Written by Mårten Johansson

It is Friday afternoon and it is almost four o'clock. The birds are singing outside the window, the melted snow is pouring down the gutter and everyone walks around feeling the spring in the air. It is soon weekend and you have planned a romantic trip to a secret location with hotel and luxury together with the girl you fancy. Only a few minutes left and then something happens that was not supposed to happen...

Western Digital WD2000JB


Written by Anton Nilsson, Christopher Zell

Today we are proud to present our review of Western Digital's latest flagship harddrive in the desktop sector. A company like Western Digital is hardly in need of presentation. The harddrive, having received the nickname "Drivezilla", is quite a heavyweight, being able to store 200 GB. And the extensive storing capacity is not all, the drive is also equipped with impressive 8 MB of cache memory since this is a representative of the more exclusive "Special Edition"-model.

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