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IKEA lets you digitally preview furniture in your own home


Swedish furniture store Ikea will release new app for next year's catalogue that with help from the physical catalogue placed in a room allow you to preview furniture in your own home before purchase with the help of augmented reality, AR.

Augmented reality is baked into more and more apps and portable video game consoles with various uses. Some games can be used to turn your kitchen table into a boxing ring, while other identify products in stores and show where you can find the best price. Ikea has been working hard on its app, which for next year will be released together with an app that offer support for augmented reality to preview furniture in your own home.

To begin with over 90 products will be available to try out and more will follow. To use the technology you place your physical Ikea catalogue in the room and download the app, which then uses the catalogue to estimate distance angle of the floor and can thereafter place a piece of furniture in a preview.

The idea is to reduce the need to go to an actual store to look at furniture or at least reduce the amount of trips needed before purchasing. For example you can check if a sofa fits with the media bench or if a new kitchen table fits beside the kitchen counter.

The technology will be introduced with the Ikea 2014 catalogue that will be released August 25th this year and the app will be available for Android and Ios.

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