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Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon - The building

When Han Solo said: “No, no, NO. THIS one goes THERE, THAT one goes THERE.” he was obviously referring to LEGO pieces. This LEGO set contains 356 pieces. It is a mid scale version of the Millennium Falcon. It mostly contains gray and dark gray pieces but also some red, blue, yellow and beige colored pieces. There are a few special pieces, e.g. The docking rings, guns and circular discs with graphics on them. There are also stickers included. Movie-authentic details include a rotating radar dish and movable laser cannons above and below the ship. Complete the ships dimensions are; Length = 9.3 inches (23.5cm), Width = 6.7 inches (17cm), Height = 3.2 inches (8cm). Unfortunately, no action figures are included.

We begin by building the front and rear bottom halves. They are mostly made up of regular gray and dark gray pieces, but also some red, blue and beige pieces. Building the separate halves is easy. The hardest part is as always when building with LEGO, to find the right pieces.

Next, we connect the two halves together and now we are starting to see the outline of this magnificent ship.

Here, the lower part of the entry ramp has been built and connected to the other halves. The Falcon's entry ramp is opened and closed with hydraulics, making it a fast and efficient way to enter or exit the ship.

The two docking rings are complete. They are situated on both the port and starboard side of the ship. These were fun to put together, because they contain special pieces and where a bit tricky to put together. Unfortunately, they have stickers attached to them which are prone to fall off. Also featured is the beginning of the engine (the beige pieces).

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