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Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon - The building cont'd even more

The top quad laser cannon is put built and added to the ship. Han and Luke used these guns to take down the pursuing TIE-Fighters while fleeing from the Death Star. Unknown to them, Darth Vader had planted a tracking device on the ship.

The Falcons characteristic sensory dish is added. A set of high-grade sensor suites and powerful sensor jammers are tied into this over-sized sensor dish protecting the ship in combat. During the Battle of Endor, Lando and Sullustan co-pilot Nien Nunb flew the Falcon as Gold Leader. After the planetary shield protecting the second Death Star was destroyed, the Falcon and several Alliance fighters entered the battle station through a conduit port and headed towards the reactor core. Space was limited in the conduit tunnels leading to the core and the relatively large Falcon lost its sensor dish when it smashed into a bulkhead. Han, would never let Lando forget the fact that he had knocked off the ship's sensor dish while inside the second Death Star, after promising to return it "without a scratch!"

Front view of the Falcon, showing the entry ramp opened and closed. You can also see the forward floodlights.

Close-up of the cockpit and view of the starboard side, showing the starboard-side docking ring.

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