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2009 – the year of the SSD, Firefox and ultramobility

2009 har come to an end. Time to round things off and see what 2010 has to offer. The good, the bad, the sad.

The year 2009 didn’t start well for enthusiasts. After many rumors, motherboard maker Universal abit closed its doors and the brand was no more. The company that had been a favorite to many overclockers had reached a point where it could no longer continue serving us with the high-quality boards we had grown accustomed to. R.I.P. Abit will always have a special place in my heart, especially the legendary IC7-MAX3.

We cater to, as you most likely know, the enthusiasts foremost. No matter if you’re just starting to learn how to build your own computer, or want to know more about the overclocking potential of the next generation Intel Extreme Edition series. During 2009 we have witnessed how practically all component makers working in the retail sector have not only embraced overclocking, but also endorsed it, supported it and made it easier than ever to overclock. It’s about time Webster added overclocking to the dictionary.

In 2009, AMD sponsored overclockers with liquid helium, boils at −268.93 °C and costs around $5 per liter, to break overclocking records with its latest processors. It was an awesome show alright, but most importantly AMD won back faith among overclockers. People had been utterly, utterly, utterly disappointed with the first generation of Phenom, not only by the bugs, but performance and non-existent overclocking rendered it more or less useless in the hands of an experienced user. Today AMD is back in the hearts of the overclockers after being locked out for what seemed like an eternity.

Liquid nitrogen - the cooling of the damned

ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI are doing their best to overshine each other with one overclocking competition after another and features and guides and etcetera etcera. So far ASUS has impressed us the most with its live tournament at DreamHack Winter 2009, but we’re sure the others will get back at them. MSI even went as far as implementing features for unlocking cores and caches of AMDs Phenom II X3 processors, something that was completely unthinkable a few years back.

In 2008 Biostar came out of left field and blew us away. Biostar TPower P45 came along and took FSB overclocking to a whole new level. It broke 700MHz FSB almost immediately and … we lost words. From out of nowhere, literally, it came and walked into our hearts. Sadly it and other smaller companies haven’t been able to get the lime light they deserve during 2009. DFI for once has said it will revise its strategies for 2010. Hopefully, in 2010 they will get the media attention they deserve.

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