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Creative Gigaworks S750 - Quality: Music

We have reached the part where we shall judge the speaker system's audio quality and as usual we have done some tests and judged it on a number of points. The choice of media for product testing of this type is a dilemma, since personal taste has a tendency to cloud the judgment. We therefore try to use all the way through neutral test tracks but as always they are my personal opinions about the speaker system's that is shown in this test. Everybody likes different music and therefore it's always a good idea to listen to a product before you buy it.

Test system

Windows XP Professional SP1
Graphics card:
Chaintech nVidia FX5200
RAM memory:
512 MB, ExtremeDDR 400
Intel Pentium 4 2,4 GHz
Sound Card :
Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro
DirectX 9.0b
Detonator 53.03

The main source in this test is a computer as you can see by the specifications above. We have in the purpose to double check also tested with a XBOX, an external DVD-player and a regular CD-player. Since we have found that the system performs just as good with all products we only comment per media.

IASCA Competition CD
This is the official CD that is used when judging competitions in car sound.

Media type:
Audio format:
CD-audio (44,1 kHz, 2 channels 1,4112 Mbps)

The IASCA-disc contains many classical tracks, which is very common when judging in car audio competition Here the pros with the new satellites, which are two way instead of one, really comes forward. Cymbals and other instruments are reproduced crystal clear thanks to the new treble and the entire orchestra gets a kind of dynamics which makes it come alive. Sadly i have to say that this type of music has become a bit worse compared to the previous system when it comes to the bass box, which is much more powerful in this version. You have to lower the bass so it won't take to much space in the middle range. The short range makes a good performance, but it's the middle range. that suffers with high levels of bass. A clear advantage is if you have a sound card that can adjust the frequency to the bass box separate, as for example Audigy2. You can set it to 120Hz for this type of music.

BASS Mechanic
Just as it sounds the tracks on this CD are fitted for competing in so called dB-dragrace where the goal is to play as loud as possible.

Media type:
Demo-CD, direction bass
Audio format:
CD-audio (44,1 kHz, 2 channels 1,4112 Mbps)

The other disc is made for competing in dB-dragrace where the goal is to play as loud as possible. We have used this disc to test the frequency reproduction that the bass box has, in comparison with given specifications. We start pretty low and notices an small area between 15 and 18 Hz where you actually hear the bass frequencies. After that it's a small gap up to 28 Hz where you start to feel them again but you can't really detect them with your hearing. At 31 Hz the first hearable frequency, a bit higher than the 25 Hz that the manufacturer has specified. Keep in mind that a couple of Hz up or down doesn't really matter and that this is a test where we use our own personal hearing.

Further up the scale we notice the box performs the best, or maybe we should say at maximum 45 Hz and keeps playing very loud up in the frequencies. The bass box has no tendencies to produce blow sounds and it never beats through, even if we let it play at maximum volume and 80% of the maximum bass. This is clearly a result of the maximum has been increased with 30%.

The Corrs - In Blue
A very good record with The Corrs in the new exciting format DVD-Audio.

Media type:
Audio format:
DVD-Audio (192 kHz, 2 channels 9,6 Mbps or 96 kHz, 6-8 channels 6,144 Mbps)

There is a big downside with DVD-audio, it is so addictive that you never want to listen to a regular CD or mp3-track ever again. Or what can you say about enjoying you favorite music in 7.1 with 96 kHz and 24 bits? As if that wasn't enough the entire scene is mixed up and it really feels like you're standing in a big sea of humans at a concert with full experience. Also here you have to make small modifications to the system to get it optimal, you can lower the frequency to around 110 Hz and increase the level of bass though.

After gone through the mandatory music listening and also felt the bass box's pulse it's time for tests that really take advantage of Gigaworks all channels.

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