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PSU modding - Installation: Sleeving the ATX-cable

It is not hard to sleeve a power supply. It can be a bit tricky in the beginning, but once you get hang of it the procedure becomes relatively easy. The hardest cable of all to sleeve is the ATX-cable. Rather than letting you tear your fingers bloody (as yours truly did) I’m going to show you how to easily sleeve an ATX-cable.


If you’re lucky the manufacturer has already sleeved the ATX-cable for you, so you might not have to do anything with it. But if you’re unfortunate enough not to get a pre-sleeved one, or for any reason need to re-sleeve it, I thought I should show you how to easily do it yourself. Rather than dishing out 200 SEK for an “ATX-Remover” I’m also going to show you how to make small, handy tools for removing the connector.

Tool 1
Tool 2

The left image shows a pair tweezers I’ve filed down. But if you have no pair you’re willing to sacrifice I have an alternative. The “legs” consist of a piece of metal I found. You might have to do some trial-and-error testing with the size before both will fit.

Some metal
Pair of tweezers

Of course, there are other things one could use for separating the wires from the ATX-connector. But before you begin it will be a good idea to note the position of and each and every wire. If you’ve got more than one power supply in your possession you can obviously just compare colors, but otherwise there’s no other option than making a note of color-scheme.


You won’t need to remove all wires, only about half of them. Then just fold the plug into the cable-sleeve with the loose wires after. Just don’t forget the heat shrink tubing before reattaching the wires to the plug.

Halfway through
Sleeve and shrink-fit tubing in place

The heat shrink tubing is most easily shrunk with a heat gun. If you don’t have one a regular lighter will work, though there’s a risk you will stain the tubing with soot. It might even work with a high-output hairdryer.

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