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Radeon HD 7000 family confirmed by GlobalFoundries

radeon7000AMD is working on the final bits of the new graphics card architecture Southern Islands and we have been referring it to this as "Radeon HD 7000". The name has now been confirmed by semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries in a presentation about AMD's next generation APUs.

GlobalFoundries will manufacture AMD's coming Trinity series of APUs and with its Bulldozer CPU architecture Trinity will also house the next generation graphics architecture. An architecture that GlobalFoundries has confirmed as Radeon HD 7000.

Trinity will launch next year and be made with 32 nanometer technology, just like the current Llano APUs. But with both new CPU architecture and a powerful GPU Trinity will bring up to 50% better performance than Llano and A series of APUs. At least when counting the performance in Gigaflops.


When Soutern Islands will debut on the graphics card market is still a bit foggy. Rumors talk of a launch near the end of the year, but then AMD's manufacturing partners have to deliver on their new 28 nanometer technologies that will be used for the discrete GPus.

Source: Fudzilla

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