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NVIDIA - "We expected more from Radeon HD 7900" [Exclusive]

geforcefermiNVIDIA has been surprisingly absent from the graphics card market so far, where competitor AMD is rolling out new cards made with 28nm GPUs. While it is still officially quiet from NVIDIA, spokespersons have revealed that they expected more from AMD.

During Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, NVIDIA focused almost exlcusively on its mobile system processors of the Tegra family. The company had nothing official to say about its coming Kepler architecture, but still took the opportunity to ventilate some views on the competitor and its own coming products.

In talks with spokesperson we had it confirmed that NVIDIA could not specify a launch schedule more preduce than "first half of 2012". They insinuated that Kepler - the new architecture - will launch by the end of March, but could slide into Q2, which would still give AMD a headstart of a quarter of a year

gf1102GeForce Fermi will be replaced in H1 by GeForce Kepler in a fresh 28 nanometer suit.

Even if this is hardly the optimum for NVIDIA they said they were positively surprised by AMD's launch - for its own account. A high up representative revealed that NVIDIA before the launch had a likely performance estimate of Radeon HD 7900, an estimate that it has been preparing to beat.

"Honestly, we expected more from our competitor’s new architecture."

After AMD's launch it is even more confident that Kepler and its own performance circuits will have no problem taking down Radeon HD 7900.

This doesn't sound impossible. Radeon HD 7970 may be the leader of the pack right now, but it didn't quite bring the performance upgrade we are accustomed to during generation shifts.

Whether NVIDIA's good confidence comes well founded remains to be seen, but until it can get a card out on the market AMD owns the performance segment. If the latest information on Radeon HD 7950 and TSMC's good volumes is correct it will take a quarter or more before NVIDIA has its saviour on the market.

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