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ATI Radeon X1950XTX - Part 1 - New cooler

ATI received a lot of criticism regarding the cooler found on X1900. The design of the cooler was a big mistake by placing a relatively small fan close to back of the chassis. If you place the fan further in the sound is dampened, pretty obvious. The placement of the fan close to the fan grid created whining noise that many, including yours truly, found annoying.

But as the result was far from satisfactory - ATI called for a do-over. And this time ATI has chosen to go with a completely new design where it has placed a larger fan as far inside the case as possible. Thus the noise of the fan and fast moving air will not be as easy to notice. ATI has also increased the surface and weight of the cooler judging from the pure mass. To spread the heat more efficiently it has chosen to equip the cooler with a heatpipe that transports the heat out to the more remote parts of the cooler. It has also spent many hours designing the fan and made advanced tests to optimize the air flow relative to the noise.

Another great improvement is the separate memory and GPU cooling. The memory is also equipped with a more traditional massive heatsink that also cool an eventual Crossfire chip. The memory is therefore cooled by the airflow inside the case and can rely on a lower rpm of the graphics card's fan. The look of the cooler is quite luscious with its clear and red acrylic plastic. Unfortunately we don't have any equipment for testing the noise available but it is pretty easy to tell that ATI has succeeded with the level of noise. Even during 3D load it's hard to hear the fan.

We continue on the next page with the specifications of the card and more pictures.

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