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ATI Radeon X1950XTX - Part 1 - Image Quality

Image quality is something that is more important to consumers than ever before. HD is a term that pops up wherever you turn basically, above all the television. But when we're talking about HD with PC games it is a matter of extreme HD, 1900x1200 or 2560x1600. This also includes technologies image improving technologies such as AA and AF but not the least HDR - High Dynamic Range (Lighting).

HDR is used to create realistic light sources with astonishing results on the environment and is used by e.g. Oblivion and Tomb Raider: Legend. A problem that has occurred for NVIDIA is that its graphics cards can't render HDR at the same time as AA is activated. Something that has a horrible effect on the image quality. At some occasions we heard that this was according to the design but why should one technology exclude another already given. ATI with its X1000 series on the other hand has full support for HDR+AA. The movie displays a clear example with Oblivion.

- Download HDR+AA in Oblivion (90MB)

Another big advantage ATI has over Nvidia is Ansio. Filtering of angled textures. The movie below displays an example of this with Half Life 2.

- Download Ansio. Filtering in an angle (76MB)

We haven't been able to record our own videos so we've chosen to use the movies recorded by ATI. Do note that we have been supplied with "save games" for the games to be able to verify the sequences.

We continue by taking a look at the overclocking potential of X1950XTX.

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