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Intel Core i7 980X - 32nm Hexacore is here


Barely 18 months ago chip manufacturer Intel released the latest "Tock" in its "Tick Tock"-strategy. The changes it brought includes the today well-known Nehalem and Bloomfield architectures. With four cores and two threads per core most enthusiasts with the money to spend were satisfied with the performance offered. The CPU's were packaged for the 1366 socket, which means a fairly expensive solution with Intel's X58 chipset as the only alternative and three DDR3 channels. At launch the flagship was Core i7 965, today everything changes.


As many of you know, "Tock" means a transition to a new architecture, whilst "Tick" means shrinking the manufacturing process and minor optimizations, such as added instructions and more cache memory. Intel has however already released a minor tick of the 32nm architecture with the Clarkdale, but today one of the world's worst kept secrets is finally introduced in the shape of Intel Core i7 980X - the first hexa core CPU for the home users.

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