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Intel Core i7-3770K - Ivy Bridge and the 3D transistor is here


Today Intel Ivy Bridge is now official, the worlds first 22 nanometer processor that is built on their Sandy Bridge architecture. Besides the sparkling fresh manufacturing process and lower power consumption, one of it's other features is quite an improved integrated graphics circuit.

Intel's Tick-Tock is a model that most are familliar with. For every Tock they introduce a new architecture on an already proven manufacturing process, while with a Tick they move the architecture in question to a new manufacturing process. A Tick-Tock shouldn't take more than 24 months which Intel hasn't been able to fully live up to, but despite this they still have an unchallenged advantage on the market against every company in the semiconductor industry. Intel never introduces a new architecture on a completely new manufacturing process simply because the risks are too big, which is something their main competitor had to learn during last year.

Intel_tick_tockIntel moves Sandy Bridge to the new 22 nanometer technology and dubbed the Ivy Bridge

A model like Tick-Tock isn't easy to keep up with, instead it's a big challenge even for a giant like Intel. Even when they introduce new architectures, they recycle many of the design blocks from earlier architectures to save money but most of all time, to make such an aggressive model even possible. So whether it's a Tick or a Tock we're talking about, it's always a combination of a little old and a little new.

When they now move a design to a smaller manufacturing process we come to the point when we get to see something new, and that is what we will take a closer look in our tests of the third generations Core i-processor - Ivy Bridge. Before we do that there will as usual be a thorough walkthrough of the architecture and the new manufacturing process.

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