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Emperor 1510 the penultimate office / gaming chair

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An ergonomic chair for the office and a nice desk is always a treat, but if you really want to enjoy yourself when working, or gaming for that matter, Novelquest has some exciting products to offer. The company builds so called "computer work environments", which is basically a module with a chair, desk and monitor in one. The series is called Emperor and in the past Novelquest has only offered the very exclusive Emperor 200, that starts at $39,950, for ergonomics previously only known to angels.

Novelquest has now launched an entry models called Emperor 1510 that has the same scorpion design with monitors hanging in front of the user. Emperor 1510 will launch today and ships with functions like PC/Mac inputs, tilting settings, up to three monitors, electric RECARO seat and 5.1 channel audio system.

Emperor 1510 is best described through pictures and with prices starting at  $4,950 it is still a big investment to make, but with this beauty you are certain to become the new Guild Master of the office.

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