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Danamics LM10 available, world exclusive review coming

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We've been following the development of the liquid metal cooler LM10 from Danish upstart company Danamics. The LM10 looks very much like many other high-end heatpipie coolers, but instead of relying on the passive flow of heat through the heatpipes, LM10 sports a patent-pending electromagnetic pump enabling pump activity at much lower currents than previously possible. The pump moves the liquid metal through the pipes to move the heat faster. We will go deeper in our upcoming review.

We've been testing a LM10 prototype for a few days now, but we still have some tweaking of the text to do before we reveal how it performs. In the meantime, Danamics has announced that cooler will become available in stores near you soon, if not already. The cooler currently support AM2, AM2+ and Socket 775, but buyers will get a free Socket 1366 mounting bracket for free.

Stay tuned for our world exclusive review of Danamics LM10 soon.

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